In December 2022 we began using a Trios 4 digital scanner. This allows us to do digital impressions for crowns and implants as well as some mouth guards. It is a great alternative to the messy and sometimes unpleasant impression material that is routinely used.

Nomad X-ray Machine:

Here's What's New in Our Office:

     In the summer of 2021 we started using a Nomad x-ray machine. It is a handheld x-ray machine that is sealed so when it emits an x-ray, it does not release back scatter radiation. This allows it to be safely held by the person administering the x-rays. 

​​​Digital Records:

     In November 2021 we added computers and monitors to every operatory. This allows us to access patient records and view x-rays in each operatory without having to dig for a paper chart.

Digital Impressions: